About Robert Hale

I am a native of Idaho, graduate of Murray High School, the University of Utah and the American University of Washington DC
I am married to Susan Green; we are the parents of six children and 24 grandchildren.
I am a resident of Midvale since 1969.
I am a 40-year veteran of the US Postal Service, where I was a letter carrier, supervisor, manager, master instructor, and team leader.  I retired in 2010.
I have served on the Union Community Council, Midvale City Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council.
I have served as an LDS Church bishop and a member of a stake presidency.  My wife and I served as senior volunteer missionaries in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  We currently serve as Self-Reliance Initiative Specialists.

Endorsed by Mayor JoAnn Seghini

Married my high school sweetheart, Susan Lorraine Green, in August 1969. 

Midvale resident since 1969. Have six children and 24 grandchildren.

Served on many community boards, and on the City Council.

Let’s keep making

Midvale the best place to live

Over the past 45 years, my wife Susan, and I raised our six children in Midvale. I am passionate about Midvale’s future which is why I have served on several local boards, including two terms on the City Council.

I want to ensure that Midvale has a secure future filled with opportunities for businesses and residents alike. For many years, Midvale has advanced due to the tireless work of Mayor JoAnn Seghini. Midvale has risen to new heights. Today, we thank her for her outstanding service and commitment to our city.


Homeless Shelter

Homeless individuals need help and our community needs to come together to offer the services necessary to break the cycle of poverty. We need to treat them as our own families — as, indeed, they are. Blessing their lives blesses our own. LEARN MORE

Retail/Grocery Stores Near Old Town

I will promote the recruitment and inclusion of a high-quality grocer in the southwest quadrant of our City. LEARN MORE


Even though it has long been a source of conversation and emotional discourse. UTOPIA and its affiliated service providers have brought extremely fast high-speed fiber-optic service to Midvale. This service has attracted large and small business as well as satisfied the bandwidth and streaming demands of … LEARN MORE


UNIFIED FIRE AUTHORITY (UFA): Each time I hear the sirens coming along one of our major thoroughfares, I know someone in dire need of assistance is just seconds away from the finest aid available. LEARN MORE

UNIFIED POLICE DEPARTMENT (UPD): I pledge to fully support the Unified Police Department. Our dedicated law enforcement officers are often the only shield we have against unlawful activities within Midvale. LEARN MORE

Citizen Involvement

I plead for citizen involvement! There is no better way to improve the standard of living within our City. LEARN MORE

HISPANIC INVOLVEMENT: La participación hispana siempre será una prioridad para mi. LEE MAS

Crime & Code Enforcement

CRIME: Gang activities are best deactivated through education and building wholesome legitimate relationships within neighborhoods. LEARN MORE

CODE ENFORCEMENT: Where possible, we must work together to assist those who cannot care for a home or yard by themselves.  LEARN MORE

Budget & Bonds & Taxes

BUDGET: A prudent working budget is invaluable to ensure that tax funds are used properly.

BONDS: I support the use of bonds in targeted amounts and for targeted purposes.

TAXES: I will always seek the lowest taxes to get the job done.


Economic Development

This City will always be centrally located and thus in higher demand in cases where that centrality is important. READ MORE

Public Works, Utilities & Water

PUBLIC WORKS AND UTILITIES:  I support the well-planned use of tax funds to keep our City not only functioning, but improving. I want each citizen to point to his or her neighborhood with pride.

WATER SOURCES: Conservancy is the key to preserving our ability to provide water in the future. 


Redevelopment Agency (RDA)

Midvale has used RDA’s ideally, and I will continue to support it. From Brigham Junction and Jordan Bluffs, to the Housing Authority there is a lot happening in our city. READ MORE ABOUT MY STANCES


Robert counts with the support of Mayor JoAnn Seghini and many others in the community. Learn who support Robert to be our next Mayor.


Representative District 44

“Vote for Robert Hale for Mayor”

JoAnn Seghini

Midvale Mayor (retiring)

“Because of his experience, Robert Hale understands our city government. Robert will serve the citizens of Midvale as a full-time Mayor.  He is a leader in his community and he cares for our Community, I strongly support Robert Hale for Midvale City Mayor.”


Representative District 45

“I support Robert Hale”

Quinn Sperry

Midvale City Midvale Council Member

Wayne Sharp

Midvale City Midvale Council Member

Paul Hunt

Midvale City Midvale Council Member

Central Utah Federation of Labor


Salt Lake Board of Realtors
Salt Lake Home Builders Association
Ron and Kaye Sperry, Community Council
Floyd and Karen Tarbet, Community Council
Colleen Costello
Don Green
Lance and Jill Hale
Rick and Charlotte Graham
Mark Judd
Robert and Brittany Green
Nick and Wendy Witkamp
Greg and Stacey Kratz
Michael and Kim Jeffery
Cal and Blanche Brady
Loyce Powell
Mike Rogers
Russell and Paula Morley
Allen and Janice Litster
John and Deanna Pfeiffer
Grant and Sharlene Pullan
Darol and Donna Denison
Dal Jorgenson
Faye Gilbert
Ann Sharp
Marlene Drake
Lester and Lynne Short
Grant Vander Veur
Iwalani Ahuna-Curran
Joseph and Doris Southworth
Robert and Lamoyne Bunting
Marilyn Wouden
Richard Jackson
Alan Anderson
Robert and Shauna Newman
Meriam Beard
Ralph and Susan Carlson
Doug K Wright
Lee and Swen Homer
Merrill and Marlene Adair
Janis Croft
Arlene Johansen
Joyce Bedont
Darrell and Marjorie Conder
Beverly Crockett
John and Anna Wayne
Don and Marsha Williams
Diane Bjarnson
Russell and Janell Morrey
Ryan and Lauren Graves
Gary and Sharon Williams
Sondra Smith
Galen Scott


Municipal Elections are going to be held on November 7th, 2017.

Registered voters have received a Vote-by-Mail ballot three weeks before November 7th. You can, and are encouraged, return your ballot by mail.
It must be postmarked no later than November 6th. You also have the option to vote in person at the Senior Citizen Center on November 7th from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.  If you are not yet registered to vote, you can do it online at get-vote.org.


998 E North Union Ave

Midvale Utah 84047